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This program is designed so that students can self-select courses in a variety of disciplines and explore the types of learning activities and variety of instructional used at the university. We aim to provide a real experience so students are expected to demonstrate the productivity, self-guided study and critical thinking skills we expect to see when they are enrolled full time.


Courses Offered in this Program

Executing Business Strategy for Optimum Results

New markets and labor pools have opened up. Innovative technologies have put once-powerful business models on the chopping block. Capital flows and investor demand have become less predictable. To meet these challenges, firms have become more sophisticated in the best practices for organizational change management. They are far more sensitive to and more keenly aware of the role that culture plays. They’ve also had to get much better on their follow-through.

Exploring the Music and Culture of Great European Cities

Care to see Beethoven's piano-forte? Or place a flower in memory of Franz Schubert at his beautiful tomb in Vienna? If you're a classical music fan, you'll want to join us on a virtual tour of the birthplaces, museums, and graves of Europe's great composers. If it wasn't for these men, music today would be entirely different!

Contemporary music is an evolution of classical music and for this reason this genre is also named contemporary classical music. Since the middle of the last century, new music has emerged, originally inspired by romantic music, but also the simple characteristics of atonality, twelve-tone music, Second Viennese school, etc. Today there are many festivals dedicated to contemporary music, such as the Donaueschingen Festival of Contemporary Music, the Festivals of Aix-en-Provence, the Wien Modern, the Ultima Festival in Oslo, the Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival, the Aspen Music Festival, the Festival Pontino of Latina and the Festival Tempo Reale in Florence.